My ancestral lineage is European, South Asian and African and I draw upon these cultural traditions in my art practice and spiritual work. A healing sessions with me combines Reiki, Mediumship, Crystal healing, Sound therapy and Caribbean Rootwork to offer a unique approach to working metaphysically with all layers of your astral and physical bodies.
I put a lot of emphasis on Chakra cleansing, energising and aligning to bring balance on a mental, emotional and physical level and use this as a starter point to all of of my sessions.

After our initial meeting you will be able to go deeper into the healing process via soul retrieval and the making of your own 'poppet' a bespoke effigy made of yourself with a combination of ancient felt making techniques, crystals and herbs via ancestral guidance.

I believe that we are all able to tap into these natural abilities and hope that my sessions act as a stepping stone for you to reconnect to your own spiritual path.