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Sliding scale available for those on a low income...

Initial consultation

£35-50 - includes cleansing using reiki and sound, chakra alignment using crystals and spiritual diagnosis for further work needed through intuitive mediumship.

Deep Healing

£50-75 - for either soul retrieval or past life regression 1hr 30mins. This session will be used to determine which areas need to be focused on by uncovering limiting beliefs and rewriting new contracts with your self.

Further sessions

£25-40 1hr consultations


£150 minimum fee + materials, crystals, accessories

Alternative treatments available

£100 Reiki attunement

£35 Zoom remote healing

£25 Henna pattern on hand

'One day we will float'

by RIP Germain and t_f_t_s_a_t_h_d ft artxscarlett

in conjunction with Languid Hands